Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? At Least No One Now in the IL GOP Primary…

Has anyone else noticed that the constant drumbeat and critique about wealthy candidates seeking public office lately?

Is the gripe really that a candidate such as Bruce Rauner made his wealth in the private sector or just not as a public servant?

Let’s not forget how well all too many elected Washington officials did after they sought and won elected office.

Now the greatest surprise is when the establishment of the Illinois GOP (known by many to embrace financial success and represent its interests) now are using a very transparent strategy  to turn the heat on Bruce Rauner regarding his wealth.

Is this an obvious attempt to symbolically assassinate the man on the front page of the newspapers for horror of all horrors, his personal wealth?

It is highly unlikely that any candidates seeking Illinois’ highest office are necessarily “poor.”

Has anyone been on a road trip to visit the homes other supposedly poor Illinois Governor candidates lately?

To be fair there appears to be only one candidate and some insider Springfield associates that buy ink by the barrel taking the most potshots at Rauner’s independent of politics wealth.

Rauner responds that his wealth makes him less corruptible. Perhaps he is taking a page from a few other that used that very same approach to defend themselves after similar attacks.

And nevermind the’ headline headaches’ his campaign is receiving for a candidate preference for a rancher’s coat,  a Harley and yes, the worst of it all…an old watch.

Does the Chicago Tribune remember giving a pass to some past millionaires that ran for office without this same scrutiny in regard to their private wealth?

Are those politicians that have or will retire as millionaires (thanks to federal and state taxpayers) criticizing Rauner, those that proclaim that they drive 12-year-old vehicles or made a sacrifice (?) when they decided to run for public office not a little worried that their re-creation of history (not to mention the financial truth) makes the risk of any personal investment a very sure thing.

How many of us could invest less than $150,000 and have that same amount worth $1.8 million twenty some years later? And receive an additional $60,000 plus annually in addition to a six figure existing income? Really are the times so tough for them?

Is money made in the private sector from smart and sound investments less tasteful than receiving a potential retirement windfall of a of an 18 to 20% return. Guaranteed. And fully funded?

Thank God for successful elections and generous taxpayers. Yet public employees and education pensions are the published focus of critical analysis by those few politicians professing to be so clean. Perhaps someone else should be placing the bullets in the respective critical shotgun?

Can we name a few that entered as regular guys yet left as millionaires? Someday perhaps a word search puzzle could be assembled with the names of those that came into office making $60,000 yet left as multimillionaires?

Does it not appear that privately made money is worthy of more criticism than politically earned and invested income?

Let Candid be perfectly clear.

Success is good. Shouldn’t one want to emulate success in any venture or pursuit?

And actually it is baffling that those Republican politicians running for the top job in the state of Illinois now find financial success so offensive?

Yet when millionaires in the past elections sought the Governor’s mansion or statewide office that money wasn’t open to the scrutiny that Mr. Rauner’s money now is. I guess that their millionaires aren’t quite as much of a concern as this millionaire. What else are we supposed to think?

The Business As Usual Bunch assembled downstate must be painfully aware that with a Rauner GOP Primary win the private sector will be making decisions rather than the 1% of the 1% that are getting all the best ‘arrangements’ now.

Of course a primary against Pat Quinn will be interesting should someone capable of spending $10,000,000.00 on a gubernatorial bid do so. And that is one heck of a lot of zeros! It has been spent before, albeit without the scrutiny it is now receiving. It brings back memories of the successful primary run by US Senator Peter Fitzgerald, the same guy that was supported by those griping about that nasty money today!

But wait a minute…how many Illinois millionaires have sought public office that happened to be millionaires when they entered office?

Names like Percy, Foster, Lincoln (in his day and thanks to his spouse), Wood, Salvi, Giannoulias , Emanuel come to mind.

Heck, the 113th Congress became even wealthier as their Freshman class entered office.

The congressional freshman class has a median net worth of $1,066.51 about $100,000 higher than the average of their other Congressional counterparts.

Regularly, political parties (both Democrat and Republican) seek out millionaires because of their wealth to run for public office. These days campaign funds are more difficult to raise and restrictions on campaign finance rules can be challenging.

In fact, this year the Louisiana Republican Party courted the Duck Dynasty Robinson family to run for public office. Everyone knows how wealthy they are due to their intitial business successes. What does the GOP have to say about private wealth in this instance?

Is anyone really sure that the voters in Illinois are not more concerned with runaway taxes, unfunded pensions, unemployment and rules that apply to some but not others than the criticism of one’s wealth? Perhaps more than a candidate’s choice of a watch or a rancher’s jacket?

Someone in Illinois must be seeking that proclaimed distasteful wealth when the purchase of lottery tickets are soaring?

Even when winning the Big Lotto offers one about a 1 in 259 million chance of a payout it does not discourage those playing the phenomenal odds.

Illinois is ranked #10 in lottery payouts so maybe the odds are, let it be noted, a little better. Either way, wealth is not such a negative if so many people aspire to it. When would  the Republican Party now want to run from those achieving financial success???

People around are wondering if perhaps the plan all along was to support, boost and bolster the odds of one other candidate winning the primary?

And what are the odds that the attractiveness of a candidate intending to come from the outside business arena with no political experience being elected to the highest office in the state of Illinois?

Let’s be honest.  In this era of political surprises would anyone be willing to ante up a fortune to bet against it?

Reality of Thanksgiving…Thanks for Selfless Civil Servants


This story is about reality. Not the drama ridden pablum on our televisions.

But this story is real. Some names will not be used to respect those deserving anonymity.

But this is a story that is reality in Kane County every day, thousands of times in a year, nationally 900,000 times.

The pain of losing your home is irreversible. Kids leaving the security they know. Parents having to explain why? And how?

Dads and moms losing their jobs…trying to hold it together.

So many times the rhetoric of job loss, unemployment and financial crisis can be used for a quick headline, a soundbite for some polticical cause.

But often there are public servants behind the scenes looking for nothing but doing what they can do, using their own knowledge and resources to help.

And just once in awhile their perfect plan comes together.

And more often they need to be thanked. Graciously and Gratefully.

A family found that out first hand when two Kane County Board members took real matters into their own hands and changed the lives of one Kane County family forever. Eternally.

Between collaboration of a Democrat and a Republican (Imagine!) all partisanship was left at the curb. Their talents were intermingled and now a family has discovered that their home, once in foreclosure has been saved.

Their Thanksgiving will be at their table.

Their children will sleep in their own beds secure that their home is warm, for the time being, is safe.

These two public servants join others to not simply spout off on the reality of forclosure, unemployment and hardship.

They actually did something about it. These two members are the Co-Chairmen of the Kane County Jobs Committee…

A committee unlike some other committees.

Some that have a staff, funds to help to provide solutions and grateful campaign contributors thankful for helping them build a subdivision, change their zoning, give them a contract.

None of these perks are experience by the Chairmen of the Kane County Jobs Committee.

But their rewards are great on this Thanksgiving Eve. They can know in their hearts that people in public service can care. They can make a difference. They can help to beat the odds, in reality one county family at a time.

It must make Chairman Chris Lauzen feel better that he got it right by selecting these two Co-Chairman Co Chairs.

They need to continue to work together..alongside unemployed family’s and alongside their fellow board members, who care as well.

Thank you Brian Pollock and Melisa Taylor.

Happy Thanksgiving.

How Can We Have 250 TV Stations and Yet There Is Nothing To Watch?

Statistics inside the TV industry are reporting that television in 2013 has had its worst year ever.

Ratings are declining and miraculously, despite six ads a week in the mail offering the best rates in our lifetimes, cable TV is in trouble.

In the past few years cable providers report that they have lost 5 million subscribers. In the past few months 113,000 cable customers have checked out.

Nevermind that the bottom line on our cable bill now competes with the bottom line on tuition bills, electric bills and car payments!

Nevermind that we now have to use no less than three remote controls to watch a game show that was popular 20 year  ago…and this was the best option we had for entertainment at the time?!!

Nevermind that we are paying for cable bundling to watch one HBO or PBS series we simply have to see and  forced to buy eight channels with it that we would have to be tortured to see.

The new wave sweeping the TV world is streaming………….streaming headlines, advertising, sporting events and presently television shows and movies.

Streaming is a better deal isn’t it? After all give up the cable, invest the rest and retire five years earlier.


Netflix can replace cable and nothing to watch at our house anytime.

Champagne Wishes……….Caviar Dreams……….Sunday Behavior??


““““ Let’s hope that most people understand that even though there are over 300+ restaurants in Kane County it is very easy to be spotted when certain contract holders with million dollar contracts in the county are getting to know people better.

Hopefully, thanks to the generosity of taxpayers the contractors are ordering caviar and champagne for anyone attending.


“““““ It is good to discover that independence is not an antiquated characteristic in local, state or federal government. 

There should be more independence and a willingness to fight for your constituency, not less. Absent from badgering and name calling of course.


“““““` Did anyone at the Tuesday, November 12th Board Meeting watch the comments being exchanged between confused board members listening to the ‘Let’s Behave At Our Sunday Best’ Presentation by Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen?

This is the gist of it.

 When you were a kid if your behavior was good you would get things, in childhood it was a ribbon or a pin. This does not change throughout our lives. So what was the implication being made to board members. If you are ‘good’ you ‘get’ things.

What would those things be? Campaign funding, chairmanships etc? And remember that this administration was going to eliminate the culture of cronyism? Repeat. Cronyism? Hm.

Candid had to smile when a Jewish accountant in the audience just couldn’t help but whisper..

“Guess we seem to  behave better on Saturday’s.  Hopefully the rewards will come our way too.”

But seriously, the “goofy” -ness factor on some of these newly created presentations borders on the absurd. 



~~~~~~~~  It looks as if the average guy may have been paying attention than it was originally thought.

Guess that a Sugar Grove worker ( a bartender no less) was engaged in a conversation with a county politician that made remark in reference to a county board team-mate.

The worker reports that this politician made a general comment about a particular board member and resident of the area.

The official said that it was becoming more difficult to “corral” this board member. Of course the politician had no idea that this worker knew the board member in question. 

When you deny just about everything that is reported  about your behavior(s) sooner or later the reports begin to become credible just because there are so many of them. And because there is a pattern of having done things like this before.

“Corralling comments” and denial of hang ups have a way of leading to admissions when there is repeated evidence of doing so. 

Unfortunately behavior like this brings even less credibility to the process.


It appears as if Chairman Chris Lauzen is going to put up an opponent named William Leonard against 5th District Board member Melisa Taylor. Why would this statement be credible?

It is also no secret in the 5th district that Chairman Lauzen has been seen welcoming Mr. Leonard while ensuring that Mrs. Taylor knows how ‘disappointed’ he is in her manner of independent voting and approach. Here are some known provable facts.

Candidate Leonard graduated from Lauzen’s high school. Credible sources state Leonard’s father served as a campaign officer for Senator Lauzen. Family Lauzen and Family Leonard have a long history together and the Lauzen’s have been working overtime trying to convince Mr. Leonard that he “needs his expertise” on the County Board.

Lauzen is very upset that Taylor took the stance to demand that high level hiring be approved by going through the committee process in any and all hiring practices, including Lauzen’s (and in fact Taylor’s friend, Robert Sauceda for Animal Control Director. Taylor, along with many other courageous board member thought a guy wanting to drain the swamp of cronyism might want to engage them in the selection, appointment and inevitable screening process. AAh, but no less..

Taylor also is questioning connected drainage district appointees and how county resources are being spent and reports are the Chairman does not like the “digging” and the numerous inquiries Taylor is making.

 Is this challenge to Taylor a way to browbeat the County Board into submission? Are visits to officials across the county supposed to intimidate other board members?

In addition to handling the Lauzen insurance business, Leonard’s father served on the Lauzen campaign team.   Leonard handles the Lauzen businesses and family’s insurance needs. Leonard is also close personal friends with Richard Hawks who serves as Lauzen’s unpaid consultant and who represents county interests in discussions with wealthy campaign donors in Kane County. Numerous hard copies of documents of Mr. and Mrs. Lauzen endorsing Mr. Leonard and admitting their close affiliation have been seen.

And of course Mr. Leonard’s son is an attorney working for the law firm that currently represents numerous county interests.

Mr. Leonard’s sons firm serves as the county’s official choice for representation of the county chairman, the county board, the county Forest Preserve and the States Attorney’s office. So should Leonard decide to seek the office and become an active board member will he recuse himself from all votes being advocated for from either the county legal advisor or his past/present/future client and retainer fee client?


Taylor’s supporters in the District who are now becoming informed about the probable challenge are very confused since Taylor not only enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Lauzen but spent more time campaigning for him than for herself. Witnesses to her devotion to Lauzen will testify that Taylor delivered literature, pounded Lauzen yardsigns into hard ground and talked to hundreds of friends and neighbors as Lauzen sought his County Chairmanship.

This potential decision on Lauzen’s part may question the Chairman’s past statements about loyalty, team work and being part of a cooperative effort.

It is dissapointing when candid discussion behind closed doors to discuss differences can’t be held when the Chairman won’t allow a meeting without others in the room. And truthfully Chairman just about everyone is a little uncomfortable with this neighborly connection.

Wouldn’t it be better to attempt to settle differences? To remain true to your campaign pledges?

Both financial and personal?

Kind of makes those confused even more confused these days. 


R-E-S-P-E-C-T- Find Out What It Means To Me… Or You?… Or To County Board Members….

When we ask for respect are we ever certain of receiving it?

Where pledges of respect are followed most of the time but certainly not all of the time? Even including those representing us in Kane County Government?

It isn’t right when the people we elect become targets of occasional verbal condescending tone, occasionally chastised for the positions they take and are hung up on (yes, you read that right) when they call county officials to specifically ask a question regarding a board agenda for an upcoming meeting.

And, yes, this discussion is once again about the victimization of those we ELECTED, our Kane County Board Membership.

And they deserve to be treated better.

When one of our board members experiences the sound of a hang up on their phone line is it noteworthy?

Maybe not when it is an angry constituent. Maybe not when it is their mother-in-law.

But probably pretty surprising when it is the County Board Chairman!!!! What kind of a response is this?

When you are curtly told to read the agenda and then click…no one is on the other line???

Say  your board member read the agenda and wanted some more information prior to an important vote twenty four hours away. This would be called doing the job people elected you to do.

And this reaction from Chairman Lauzen  makes the pledges you heard in some of his numerous campaign videos about respect seem confusing.

See youtube.com under Chris Lauzen. Code of Conduct and Lauzen Announces His Regional Coordinators

The Daily Herald detailed the proclamations made by current Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen when announcing his intention to seek the Kane County Board Chairmanship in August 2011.

The Daily Herald stated the following in this early article regarding Lauzen’s candidacy:

Lauzen also underlined the importance of treating people with respect, a call he extended to county board members, and of establishing an “honest and competent” administration……

A little bit of tarnish has rubbed off the pledge that we had read about, heard about on various videos as health care employees, county  board members and ex employees have experienced a lack of respect when reporting occasional interactions with the chairman.

And the topic of respect and kindness may even be a topic that the Chairman intends to address today at the County Board Meeting in Geneva. Hopefully all his fingers won’t be pointing out into his audience without the reflection from mirrors shining back at him from the podium.

But when his own code of conduct Point #2 is RESPECT for the independence of all board members elected the disregard of Point #2  is worthy of attention.

Hopefully in the future any President, CEO or Chairman of the Board will not hang up on shareholders, taxpayers or those we elect.

Each of the twenty four board members serving us deserve respect from the Chairman regardless of their party, position or gender.

Candid has got to admit that we haven’t heard about the Chairman hanging up on anyone until now but unfortunately a far more serious matter  must be reported.

The second, and admittedly more serious concern involves the entire north end of the county.

Is is reported that there may have been eight board members ignored as very important projects were discussed that affected each of their constituents.

When you vote for a board member to represent you do you want them to be notified should a meeting with local officials be planned to discuss a county project? Especially when it involved the proposed Long Meadow Bridge.

Frankly, would anyone want their board member to ever be kept ‘out of the loop’ when county business is involved?

Let’s focus on  the matter at hand.

Over a week ago a meeting was held on the north end of the county to discuss transportation projects and county matters involving the difficulties that one county leader is having with a particular board member.

Is there any north end board member that was invited or even knew about this meeting?

If if the answer is no a very important question should be asked of the chairman. Why was not one north end board member invited to this meeting?

Is it perhaps one or two of them were the topic of discussion and there may be another one of those “leaks” that often upset the chairman recently?

Heck, lately Mr. Lauzen has become more about stopping runaway leaks than your local plumber.

Where did the message about trust, inclusion, openness and transparency go? And why does a private citizen receive an invitation from a board chairman that our elected board members did not?

The meeting, according to fairly official reports from those whose anonymity will be kept anonymous, is that the chairman, the vice chairman and perhaps the regular “unofficial- official volunteer”  may have been there to” officially”  but unofficially deliver a message.

Was one of the topics on their agenda to encourage local leaders to put a little pressure on one board member that the Chairman was having ‘difficulty’ with? To encourage that board member to get in line with the suggestion that this project that is being discussed could be jeopardized?

Wow, Hardball is not just the title of a Chris Matthews talk show. And the leaders of a local community that appreciate this board member will not be bluffed into submission either.

And if this pattern of petulant behavior continues the Biggest Loser won’t be any of the 24 board members either.

Every north end voter should be asking if or how perhaps a county volunteer deserved a seat at the table for a VERY important discussion regarding transportation projects yet not one of the eight elected officials elected to represent the north end were not in attendance?

Was the meeting lead by someone who spoke of respect for the independence of every board member elected by us?

Yet shouldn’t actions speak louder than words?

Eight districts were not represented at this important meeting. Shouldn’t Chairman Lauzen be asked why?

Of course due to the open meetings act they all could have not been in attendance but at least one of them should have been. Particularly the board member that represented those local leaders.

Do Mike Kenyon,Debra Allen, Cristina Castro, Rebecca Gillam, Douglas Scheflow Kurt Kojarek, Maggie Auger or Joseph Haimann deserve to be given a full report of this meeting. And if it comes on Tuesday, November 12th it is because leadership experienced yet another leak. The ones they do not like.

From a local blogger no less.

To the eight board members representing South Elgin north to Algonquin.

Hopefully your questions regarding your un-invitation will be answered. Respectfully.

It is unfortunate when you have to read about communication regarding matters in your district from your local media.

And perhaps the male board members will receive a better reception since it is the women that are bearing the brunt of boorish behavior lately.

If it’s been said once it must be said again…..there are very few secrets in Kane County.

It’s best to be truthful when discussing the context of your private meeting conversations. Because private conversations don’t always remain private despite everyone’s best intentions. Even with those you brought with you to the table.

May all board members questions be answered. They deserve one.

And hopefully no north end board members experience a hang up or disconnect on the day that Kane County is supposed to be connected.

Let’s Discuss Kane County Connected

Kane County Connected is a initiative proposed by Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen.

Lauzen is correct in his assumption that various forms technology have many valuable contributions to make to ensure that over 500,000 residents in Kane County receive and are able to share information throughout the county.

Could a couple of suggestions perhaps make it a more common sense initiative?

Perhaps an intergovernmental network be established so that local township, village and municipal governments might share their perspectives, solutions to problems that they have faced, sharing equipment etc. Perhaps an online auction set up so that governments can purchase at a fair price equipment being sold by others?

This may in effect save taxpayers money and local government valuable resources. Why recreate the wheel when local communities can communicate online in a useful manner?

Should the county adopt this idea or any others they can thank the Average Guy for a simple suggestion….Valuable county resources have to be utilized for more than a simple connection between residents. Let’s make it more user friendly for government too.

Please don’t steal an idea without giving a nod to those that contribute to your success, Chairman Lauzen.

Kane County Truth …Mission Impossible Style

Ok, just about everyone involved with county government has been discussing the realities of nepotism in the county administration for weeks….Not that nepotism is anything new but when it follows a proclamation of “draining the swamp of cronyism” it becomes newsworthy!

Now when Board Chairman Chris Lauzen even tries to mention  any form of bringing back honor into county government the groans and moans of those that have to listen to the mantra can be heard for miles. And lately the Chairman can be seen wandering the county building with a three foot stack of papers in his arms. Either he needs a wheely cart provided by the transportation department of he should give his meeting mates Mr. Hawks and Mrs. Lauzen a short stack to carry as well. Redistributing the wealth of paperwork so to speak.

His claim that too many people are reviewing high level employees,  that candidates are sacrificing their anonymity etc etc.  should make a Supreme Court Appointment or Senate Review obsolete. Is anybody else not buying this bull? It appears that this reversal of transparency may also have some legal stumbling blocks ahead.

Kind of tough to taunt transparency as one appears to simultaneously shroud transparency at the same time.

Who needs the oversight of corporate CEO’s, CFO’s, stockholders, U.S. Senators, background checks and even 25 county board members when on this mission to make government operate in one’s own closet.

Should we dissolve all those providing reviews, checks and balances to hire a $60,000 plus executive because one person wants it? Is that productive restructuring?

So here is the cold hard truth.

The County Administration is on a Mission to “Restructure Government” Their Style. Their Way. And Playing the Victim Card every step of the way. Nevermind that behind the scenes support for them is shrinking just about hourly.

Throw in when resources for FaceBook Friends (See Kane County Connected)  matter more than providing a service for lost loved ones…See Coroner’s budget request, Mission Impossible takes on a whole new meaning.

And this is how transition Mission Impossible Style Plays Out in One Year in Kane County.

Here was the First Mission and unfortunately the Chairman appears to have accepted it.


The first unofficial appointment was a neighbor (no vote necessary). See prior post regarding Mr. Wilson.

This neighbor is a very nice personable guy but no one yet appears to know why he is there and remain uncomfortable with his presence.

When he and Mrs. Lauzen are not at formal executive meeting in the building are they outside the building hosting candidates, officials and assorted others.

His name will not be used but if anyone would like to wander into the Chairman’s office or into a committee meeting or ‘unofficial’ breakfast/lunch with assorted county interests you will find him.

A contributor. Neighbor.  The Untitled Card Carrying Advisor.

If there is any other county operating in the State of Illinois with this same” Subdivision Structure” of Unofficial Administration please let the rest of us know.

Just don’t leave a comment on the county chairman’s voice mail because it does not exist. That would be the one he gives to his fellow board members and those that matter. Why waste time waiting for the beep anyway?



The second appointment plan was for the RTA appointment which Mr. Lauzen had decided (without knowledge to many) was to be handed to his Campaign Chairman  (recently retired board member James Mitchell. ) There are no secrets when someone is talking about getting the gig in the first place.

However, this time a vote was needed and Chris Lauzen called many board members in an unsuccessful attempt to try to get MItchell appointed in January and February after taking office.

There was no way that the people’s representatives on the county board were going to give a boost to the guy that after twenty years decided to take an extra perk (and a triple dip) out the door. Especially after it was obvious just about EVERYONE was paying attention.

And of course this was also the same guy that after twenty years of taking insurance, salary and per diem decided that now that he was going to determine that these perks were no longer needed since he couldn’t take them anymore.

Expect revenge for the denial from the board for Mitchell’s appointment  when there is a sudden call for all the old benefits to be removed in the coming months. Guess only part time work becomes part time work after you aren’t working someplace anymore.

Expect Lauzen and Mitchell to use others to promote a cut in benefits now that their part time service checks have cleared. Or perhaps they can write the BIG checks due to their twenty years of part time service to kick start the sacrifice? We will all be waiting…

So, if we get this right after twenty years of accepting insurance, travel expenses, per diem by Chairman Lauzen, Campaign Chair Mitchell for their part-time work it is time to reform the policy? Perhaps this new reform should be entitled the New  Golden Rule…Do Onto Others After My Check Has Cleared.

Did Mr. Mitchell hope this delivery for his services would be an easy vote of his peers?

Here is the Real Truth.  You ran to reform the process, not repeat it!

So expect the hammer of revenge will be waiting for a few board members in November in the Lauzen, Mitchell Plan??

Mr. M. even claims he will be around running revenge primary runs against a certain courageous board member refusing to be intimidated into giving him his appointment.

So doing the right thing for the right reason for your district now has a revenge ridden price tag?

If they carry through on the threat Candid is clairvoyant.

If they decide against it perhaps the stakes are too high?

Maybe its time to have the entire board unite to defend one another and support every districts authority to represent itself? This would indeed be one very encouraging approach, standing up for the common folk that one represents.

Heck, if we wanted a dictatorship we could have passed a referendum to create one. And we would have written in Musolini’s name to lead the way!

Perhaps the county Anti Bullying Campaign should have started in the Kane County Boardroom? Why are board members left stunned as the Chairman forgets the mic (as in boardroom) microphone is on condescendingly mocking their independent streaks?

In the future will the board defend, protect and promote their independent right to represent their districts as the founding fathers designed. A strong board structure, represented by districts, with a  policy led board design?

Let’s hope that the process remains uninterrupted, protected and strong. Only then would the board’s Mission Be Accomplished.





Candid has now heard from at least four sources that Chairman Lauzen and his patronage posse have suggested that the Chairman’s best high school pal (Let’s refer to him as B.L. from Sugar Grove) and long-term Lauzen insurance man has been drafted to run against incumbent (and a once very loyal Lauzen ally Melissa Taylor),  a board member that is asking too many questions, digging too much, basically reminding them of their daily office responsibilities, and , let’s face it,  a real pain in their respective keysters!

How many calls to his old political enemies did Chairman Lauzen make looking for suggestions for an opponent for Ms. Taylor?

Answer. More than one. Less than five.

The old adage is true. There are no secrets in the 5th County Board District or in the rest of the county either

Has the potential Taylor opponent rumored to be Lauzen’s insurance man realized that he has a family member working for the law firm  representing multiple county interests with a record of contributing to board chairmen?

Here are some questions for one of the two candidates chosen to challenge Ms. Taylor.

Your son is a member of the law firm that represents at least three county interests.

Who has this firm represented?  How much interaction with county board business does this firm have? How much do they collect and how much benefit does a family member receive from being part of a firm that will be serving as your attorney?

And of course you can always bring in someone who wants an appointment to take shots at Ms. Taylor and your boyhood pal (and go to insurance man) to play reformer and just never do anything but rubber stamp the ideas of his BBF.



Here is Where Candid Has to Be Candid.

Did anyone expect that a youthful associate and campaign worker to Chairman Lauzen would be pegged in the first week to serve as an assistant, then fee collector, then a Director to a county department?

People claim that this is one nice guy that is suffering personally due to the absolute hypocrisy of a Chairman that spent month bellyache-ing  about giving special favors when governing and then basically just changed  the names and the faces in a jobs for pals swap.

Is there anyone in the county that does not know that some job was going to be given to the Chairman’s Junior Mentor? No one can hold this guy responsible for the Chairman’s crush-like  approach to ensuring a mentoring partnership. But c’mon where are the credentials for the job that may be given here. Just create a title and a job description and call it a day. Instead you force this guy to have to make calls/write mail to legislators that happen to be running for Governor to advocate “keeping politics out of job appointments.” REALLY?

So asking for someone’s resume, work history and experience regarding the job being pursued is a line of questioning that is POLITICALLY motivated?

If you are going to push your pals, put them into powerful positions and favor YOUR favorites admit it and move on. Just like the old days. Just like always. No doubt with the history of Chicago and Illinois patronage not many would be shocked.

Tonight details leaked that Robert Sauceda (according to the Daily Herald news) wrote Senator Kirk Dillard and Dillard is made a call urging St. Charles Board member Mark Davoust to accept RS’s nomination without comment. Whaaat? Why? Especially from someone with absolutely no knowledge of ongoing county procedures or plans.

Mr. Sauceda, apologies to you but the process used to nominate you was flawed, fixed from the get go. You have done an admirable job but you do have to count yourself among one guy blessed as having curried this chairman’s favor by seizing an opportunity.

The once Mission Impossible task of giving a job involving so much controversy that should have been quietly accepted has no become an issue once again.

Will the board take back its authority to become a pivotal part of the process or allow their influence to shrink into oblivion?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned.